Marchesini wheels

Why Marchesini


​The weight of lightness: motorcyclists know what that means. And if we talk about the wheels on a motorcycle, every enthusiast knows that if you combine maximum rigidity with reduced weight, you get better performance.

That’s why the entire production process and all related activities focus principally on achieving maximum lightness.

First and foremost, the choice of materials: Marchesini uses only forged magnesium and aluminium alloys for its wheels. Then both design and purely technical aspects systematically aim to reduce weight.
Lightness is without doubt the final goal when it comes to details as well – the paintwork, for example,  which is liquid to make the wheel lighter still and improve its appearance.

To sum up, when a motorcycle has lighter wheels, it offers better performance, is more responsive and makes driving much more enjoyable.


​If Marchesini wheels are chosen by the best teams competing in the MotoGP, SuperBike, SuperMotard and Endurance Championships, there is a good reason for it: it lies with the high quality of the products manufactured by a company whose main aim is to achieve excellent performance.

Wheels, together with tyres, are the most important unsuspended rotating mass on a motorcycle. Making this mass lighter means that you have a series of benefits which are the key to achieving top performance.

This is especially true when cornering. Here, the brakes must work on a reduced weight and obviously, they are more efficient. Then there’s driveability: by reducing the gyroscopic effect, the motorcycle changes direction more easily. Finally, top speed and acceleration also benefit from the maximum lightness and high rigidity of Marchesini wheels.

Seeking maximum performance is an indelible part of Marchesini’s DNA. That is why the entire company business is geared towards offering strong emotions to the motorcyclists that choose its products


​It is a question of style. For all motorcycle enthusiasts, the design of Marchesini wheels is distinctive and unique.

The design of the 10-spoke wheels is a truly timeless classic feature with its distinctive Y shape. These are a firm favourite with motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, a true hallmark product which has made Marchesini famous worldwide.

Marchesini uses its skill and creativity to constantly seek new solutions. This has resulted in the innovative high performance 7-spoke wheel: designed for racing, it combines technology and high performance with a modern, aggressive look.


​For Marchesini, quality means guaranteeing total control of all its products. Each wheel undergoes metallurgical and dimensional analysis which detects even the slightest structural imperfection.

All new wheels must pass a full series of tests and inspections on the dimensions and quality and strength of materials to ensure that every Marchesini wheel is 100% perfect.

Quality is a concept that embraces company philosophy at all levels. It is not limited to its wheels or the production cycle but extends to all the services that have been designed to meet motorcyclists’ needs and desires. The possibility of getting Marchesini to directly service your wheels or change the colour is just one example.


​Safety comes first. Without safety, lightness is no longer a quality and performance is zero. Every motorcyclist knows that performance, even if it is exceptional, has no value if it does not guarantee safety. Motorcycle enthusiasts, both on the track and on the road, want a bike they can trust and rely on.

Safety for Marchesini means, first and foremost, a 100% reliable product which, thanks to the very strict inspections and numerous tests performed on each wheel, offers total safety as well as high performance.

For all those who choose the excellence of Marchesini wheels, safety means improved braking, better handling in and out of bends and better acceleration.


​In order to satisfy today’s needs, we cannot put the possibility of meeting them in the future at risk. Marchesini is well aware of this and focuses its activity on responsible development where reducing environmental impact is not only an operational issue but an obligation towards future generations.

Here too, lightness and its advantages have their part to play: lighter motorcycles mean lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. The production processes not only avoid the use of toxic components but only use substances that comply with current anti-pollution regulations.

Made in Italy

​Unique design, attention to detail and intrinsically sporty nature: this is what made in Italy represents worldwide.

“Italianness” is very important to Marchesini. For the company, it means, above all, conceiving, designing and developing all its products exclusively in Italy. In an increasingly competitive market, this is a strategy that confirms Marchesini’s quest for excellence.

In addition to its undeniable quality, the company is known and esteemed worldwide for the unmistakably Italian look it gives to the design of its products. The members of the creative team work together to find the perfect balance between capitalising on its heritage and experimenting with innovative solutions.