Rock wheels by Marchesini
Billet aluminium

Thanks to the extensive experience gained on racetracks all over the world, Marchesini now takes its first step into the off-road market, with the new ROCK spoke wheels
MARCHESINI introduces its new, highly engineered off-road spoke wheels, designed to both optimize and update the architecture of traditional spoke wheels.

The new ROCK wheels have no nipples — the traditional coupling elements used to secure the spokes to the rim. This is a genuinely innovative step that achieves a considerable weight reduction around the peripheral area of the wheel, which has a tremendous impact on the handling of the bike.
The rims have no bulges and present a cleaner and more linear profile, assisting in the flinging of dirt during rotation and reducing therefore the weight of the bike.
The spokes are straight — without the usual bend at the point of attachment to the hub — and much stronger. As a consequence, the spokes number could be reduced from the usual 36 to 32.

With the new ROCK wheels, it is no longer necessary to loosen or tighten the spokes, thanks partly to a perfect coupling between spoke and rim and also due to the Dri-Loc Plastic locking system adopted for the spoke thread. Therefore the wheels are completely free from any adjustment stresses that could have occurred.
Although, it is still possible to adjust the tension of the spokes in the traditional manner, in order to compensate for any permanent distortion of the rim.
The hub and the rim are completely machined from billet: the hub is anodized in various colours, while the rim has an anodized black finish.
By replacing the usual clearance holes for nipple-anchored spokes with blind threaded holes to allow direct coupling, the geometry is made neater and more compact.
The bearing area has been strengthened in order to guarantee a more stable coupling and to increase stiffness of the assembly.
With extensive experience already acquired on racetracks all over the world, Marchesini now enters into a new market with the new ROCK wheels, facing a fresh and exhilarating new challenge.


Material Billet Aluminium Hub
Front dimension 1,60×21”
Rear dimension 2,15×18” – 1,85×19” – 2,15×19”
Antislip Treatment Front/ Rear Χ
Front/ Rear Valve Type Χ
Sprocket Carrier Rubber Type (Q.ty)  Χ
HUB Colours Anodized Black, Anodized Red, Anodized Orange, Anodized Blu, Anodized Green
RIM Colours Black, Silver