Marchesini Performance

M10RS Kompe Moto 3

10 spokes in forged aluminium

Specially designed for Moto3, the M10RS Kompe Moto3 reproduces exactly the same winning characteristics as the M10RS Kompe, adapted to the motorcycles used in this category (the front wheel measures 2.5” x 17”).

Like the M10RS Kompe, this wheel encompasses all the strengths of Marchesini’s experience. Multi-directional forging of the aluminium alloy produces a material with superior mechanical properties and a specific weight that is much lower than that of normal aluminium alloys.

The two fitted wheels weigh only 6.3 kg.


Material Multiforged Aluminium
Front dimension 17”x2,50”
Rear dimension 17”x3,50”
Antislip Treatment Front/ Rear Optional on request
Front/ Rear Valve Type V90/V
Sprocket Carrier Rubber Type (Q.ty)  4240 (x3)
Colours Glossy Black, Ultra Light Matt Black, Gold