Marchesini Racing

M10RR Kompe Moto 3

10 spokes in forged aluminium

​The aim: to develop a wheel specifically for Moto3 that combined maximum performance at a price that all riders, even those who do not share the same budget as the top teams, can afford. The solution: M10RR Kompe Moto3.

The shape of the rim is designed to reduce inertia and reduce the gyroscopic effect making going into and out of bends easier. The spokes have variable thickness and minimised spoke webs for high rigidity. The hub is sized to withstand the stress exerted by brake systems and the most powerful engines on the race track.

The aluminium alloy and multiforging process produce an extremely lightweight base material with excellent mechanical properties.



Material Multiforged Aluminium
Front dimension 17”x2,50”
Rear dimension 17”x3,50”
Antislip Treatment Front/ Rear Optional on request
Front/ Rear Valve Type V90/V
Sprocket Carrier Rubber Type (Q.ty)  4240 (x3)
Colours Glossy Black, Ultra Light Matt Black, Gold