Motard & Offroad

M10RR Kompe Motard

10 spokes in forged aluminium

Marchesini has designed special wheels for highly demanding use like that on supermotard and off-road tracks.

Supermotard wheels with spokes with maximum rigidity, reduced weight and minimum inertia and cross wheels with spokes with a strong technical content that optimises and updates the architecture of traditional wheels with spokes.

With the wheels it has specially designed for supermotard and off-road racing, through constant research and development, once again Marchesini shows that it can adapt its experience and know-how to a wide range of requirements.

M10 RR Kompe Motard

This monolithic wheel specially designed for SuperMotard competitions epitomises the capacity for progress and development that is an intrinsic part of Marchesini.

The M10RR has a series of advantages over normal spoked wheels. A considerable reduction of approximately 15% in weight and roll inertia significantly improves motorcycle handling on bends and the reduced gyroscopic effect offers higher acceleration and shorter braking distances.The use of tubeless tyres has led to a further reduction in weight and a lower risk of punctures.

A 100% increase in flexural and torsional rigidity of the wheels contributes to more controlled handling of the bike on the twists and turns associated with Supermotard racing.

With these advantages, it is hardly surprising that Marchesini has been dominating the AMA championship for years and has collected a series of wins at the X-Games in Los Angeles.


Material Πολυσφυρηλατιμένο Αλουμίνιο / Multiforged Aluminium
Front dimension 16,5”x3,50” and 17”x3,50”
Rear dimension 17”x4,25” and 17”x4,50” and 17”x5,00” and 17”x5,40”
Antislip Treatment Front/ Rear Προαιρετικά – Optional on request
Front/ Rear Valve Type V90
Sprocket Carrier Rubber Type (Q.ty)  X
Colours Anodized Black, Anodized Silver, Anodized Gold