Marchesini wheels
Why Marchesini

Lightness ​The weight of lightness: motorcyclists know what that means. And if we talk about the wheels on a motorcycle, every enthusiast knows that if you combine maximum rigidity with [ … ]

M10RR Corse

10 spokes in forged magnesium Used with success by many top teams, the M10RR Corse is the wheel with which Marchesini first introduced forged magnesium into the most important worldclass [ … ]

M10RR Kompe Motard

10 spokes in forged aluminium Marchesini has designed special wheels for highly demanding use like that on supermotard and off-road tracks. Supermotard wheels with spokes with maximum rigidity, reduced weight [ … ]

M10RS Corse Moto 3

10 spokes in forged magnesium Specially designed for Moto3, the M10RS Corse Moto3 reproduces exactly the same winning characteristics as the M10RR Corse, adapted to the motorcycles used in this category [ … ]

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